International transport

Our freight forwarding company is located in Moldova with offices in Chisinau and Tiraspol, fulfilling the mission of an international operator, a provider of transport and logistics services in the CIS and EU countries. We serve cargo owners from all over the world, among our customers there are more than 3000 enterprises from all over Europe.

International cargo delivery

Learn the cost of transportation, find the right type of transport, to deliver goods in the right direction, this is our website for you, the main helper

Freight transportations international and regional

The advantage of the exchange transports justified by the speed of ordering transport, its quick search, the maximum number of transportation options in the delivery of goods

Delivery of all types of cargo

Trucking is the most popular category of cargo delivery, regardless of the type of cargo, its volume and weight, the organization of road transportation will take into account all the rules of the convention, and control the movement of goods

Transportation from all countries by any type of transport

Professionalism of international cargo delivery is the use of several types of transport road, sea, air, and rail transport.
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